Caring for your skin with Lymphoedema in the hotter months

Avoid sunburn by:sun

  • Using hypoallergenic sun creams applied half an hour prior to sun exposure
  • Covering skin with clothing ( e.g light-weight long sleeve shirts and pants)
  • Wearing a broad brimmed hat and sunglasses
  • Seek out shade wherever possible and avoid being outside during the middle of the day

Avoid overheating by:

  • Wearing light-weight cotton clothing
  • Not performing strenuous exercise in the heat
  • Avoiding being outside during the middle of the day

In the case of sunburn:

  • Use sorbelene, aloe vera or other hypoallergenic moisturiser regularly on the affected areas.
  • Cool the area using luke-warm showers or baths.
  • Avoid sunburn on top of sunburn.

*Please note; it is important to continue wearing your compression garment during spring/summer.

If you believe your lymphoedema has altered please call the clinic on 4975 1622 to make an appointment with a lymphoedema physiotherapist. An appointment will assess if your current management plan is appropriate for your current condition.