August 2014

Bones are important!-         They allow us to move

–          They protect our vital organs

–          They are storage centres for essential minerals that promote cellular activities and energy sources

–          Within the red marrow of certain bones, blood cells may be produced

Bone-Friendly Lifestyle – Calcium-          Roughly 99% of the bodies calcium is found in bones

–          60% of the calcium found in an Australian diet is from milk, cheese and yogurt

–          It is estimated that 8 out of 10 Australian adults need to increase their dairy intake

Bone-Friendly Lifestyle – Vitamin D-          Vitamin D helps control the absorption of calcium from the intestines and control calcium levels in the blood

–          Most of our vitamin D comes from skin exposure to the sun

–          Only small amounts of vitamin D are provided by ones diet

Tips-          Include yogurt on your cereal

–          Ricotta cheese on a salad sandwich

–          Have a smoothie for afternoon tea

–          For creamy soup add a generous milk portion

–          Trial 6-7minutes in the sun in mid-morning or mid-afternoon

This must be moderated depending on ones age, skin complexion, the season and where you live e.g. Newcastle, recommend 6-7 minutes in June and July