The benefits of a monthly maintenance massage for seniors

This month’s focus is on the benefit of a monthly maintenance massage for seniors. A large percentage of our clientele here at Rathmines Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre utilise our Remedial Massage Services for a monthly maintenance massage. Many of our clients work in very physically active jobs such as mining and manual labour and suffer from a syndrome called delayed onset muscle soreness due to the heavy repetitive workload demanded from their muscles. Other customers suffer from repetitive strain syndrome due to underactivity such as working long days at a desk and computer which can cause our postural stabilizers to fall into a dormancy state and switch off, thus developing pain and poor posture. Both of these groups of customers can gain major benefits from a monthly maintenance massage to address their pain and discomfort.

Let me tell you about our senior customers who don’t engage in either too active or too passive routines, but suffer chronic joint and muscular pain. As we age our joints start to degenerate and we develop a disease called osteoarthritis, which is the most common form of arthritis which primarily affects articular cartilage at the ends of bones within a joint. RATHMINES PHYSIO029Osteoarthritis (OA) develops gradually and causes pain and stiffness due to irritation and inflammation of the joint. Osteoarthritis is distinguished from other types of arthritis by being directly related to wear and tear of the joint structures. The aim of massage is not to cure arthritis but to treat the symptoms of arthritic or degenerative change such as swelling, muscular contracture and reduced mobility. Pain and discomfort can also be secondary due to involuntary postural changes that your body makes to avoid primary pain.

The role of massage is to clear the excess swelling, reduce the chronic muscular tension around the associated joints and to restore as much as possible your body’s range of movement and natural movement patterns (GAIT). With these factors reduced it allows the client to perform their daily activities and to engage in gentle regular low weight bearing exercise to continue to help with maintaining normal joint movement and flexibility. Regular activities like walking and gardening help to keep you fit and healthy. Pain and fatigue from overactivity should signal rest, whilst too much rest may cause muscles and joints to stiffen.

Many clients already have Remedial Massage covered under their Private Health Insurance Cover yet do not realize it or do not utilize it. Just like your car. It doesn’t have to be broken to have it serviced. When it is serviced regularly it continues to optimally perform.

Rathmines Physiotherapy and sports injury clinic offers Remedial Massage from both male and female therapists and all our treatment tables and equipment can cater for all ages and physical abilities of clients

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