Ankle Taping

ankletapeAnchor Strips (Number 1)

  1. Commence and finish taping.
  2. Slight pressure, start at an angle and follow the contour of  the leg.


Stirrups (Number 2)

  1. Foot in neutral.
  2. Start on inside of leg under the heel.
  3. With firm pressure pull up on the outside of the leg.


Figure 6 (Number 3)

  1. Start on the inside, after passing under the heel, the strip passes original point forming a figure 6 can be repeated starting from the outside of the leg then under the heel to the outside points again.


 Half heel lock (Number 4)

  1. At front of ankle on the inside runs across the sole under the heel, behind the heel and back to the start.
  2. Don’t pinch Achilles Tendon.
  3. Remove the tape as directed by your therapist.
  4. Remove the tape immediately if the skin becomes red, itchy or irritated.

If you have any questions please call the clinic on 4975-1622.