InjuryNET is a Practitioner Network organisation across Australia providing injury management services to some of Australia’s largest employers.

 The goal of this program is to minimise unnecessary disability after a workplace injury through:

  • Early intervention with a focus on staying at work (SAW) or early return to work (RTW) if time off work is medically necessary
  • Open communication between the employer, the injured worker and the treating practitioners
  • Evidence based practice

 Employers participating in the program will always endeavour to support their injured workers through provision of suitable duties and provision of transport to and from work, if required.

 When treatment is initiated by an employer, they guarantee payment for basic services required for early intervention, even if the injured worker does not submit a claim, or if liability for a claim is denied.

 These include:

  • 4 Medical visits
  • Basic ancillary items
  • 4 Physiotherapy visits
  • Basic medication
  • Plain x-rays for limbs


Practitioners are required to be registered with InjuryNET to participate in the programme. The Physiotherapists at Rathmines Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre are registered with InjuryNET and are able to provide services with an appropriate referral.

Most clients can be seen the same day of referral and will commence the 4 Physiotherapy treatments.


To refer a client under the InjuryNET programme please provide the injured worker with a referral for Physiotherapy services.

 As most practices are now paperless we have developed an electronic referral pad which can be downloaded to your system, edited and then either faxed or emailed to us at: To go to the referral page click here. The instructions for how to use them are also on the same page.

 Referrals can also be made directly through Medical Objects from your computer system or via mail, fax or email.

 Further information

For further information on InjuryNET and Rathmines Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre please call 4975-1622.